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Groups R Us is focussed on delivering a full Employee Benefit Solution to you. With a full support function and dedicated support from qualified staff, we want you to have peace of mind with us as your partner.

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Group Employee Benefits

Once you have great employees on board, how do you keep them from jumping ship? One way is by offering a good benefits package.

Many small-business owners mistakenly believe they cannot afford to offer benefits. But while going without benefits may boost your bottom line in the short run, that penny-wise philosophy could strangle your business's chances for long-term prosperity. Ray Silverstein articulates "There are certain benefits good employees feel they must have.” We could not agree more. Your company’s strength lies with your employees, we would like to help you take care of them.

At Groups R Us, we are Group Specialists and have partnered with leading South African insurers – providing you with

  • Retirement solutions
  • Provident fund sollutions
  • Funeral policies
  • Pension funds
  • Group accidental benefits
  • Group life
  • Saving products
  • Group medicals and more...

The positive side to this coin is that we offer the right benefits, and your business may just jump-start its growth and achieve success on all levels. As Joe Lineberry a human resource specialist states: "Give employees the benefits they value, and they'll be more satisfied, miss fewer workdays, be less likely to quit, and have higher commitment to meeting the company's goals. Research shows that when employees feel their benefits needs are satisfied, they're more productive.

Your dreams of greater success can be a reality, lets nurture your employees and empower them with the best suitable benefits for them and you.

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Our Services

  • Development of unique funeral insurance products that is compliant with Regulations requirements
  • Monthly administration on membership data
  • Debit Orders, with Debit Order split between Groups Are Us, Parlour and agent
  • Card payment facilities
  • Payment cards at all major retailers
  • Assistance with member communication
  • Claims management and assistance
  • FAIS Training and compliance
  • IT Systems and Payment devices

Group Funeral Schemes

Groups R Us are proud to also offer you an extended family funeral insurance product which allows you to insure the whole family, your parents, you in-laws and other extended family members.

Below are the product features

Family Benefit Policy covers the Main Member, Spouse and Children
Parent Benefit You parents and your spouse’s parents can be added under the parent benefit (maximum of four (4) parents). A sperate premium is payable for each parent according to their age.
Extended Family Benefit A maximum of six (6) extended family members can be added. A separate premium is payable for each extended member according to their age.
Children's Benefit You can add your own children, step children or legally adopted children to the policy.
Pay Out Claims are settled within 48 hours of all documents received.
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