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Compliance is the new buzzword. With the ever evolving financial compliance expectation we want to ensure that the way we do business is accurate and compliant. We have a very strong compliance team where we have a very competent internal compliance expert who is dedicated to full time compliance in the Groups R Us product range. We also have the services of an external compliance company by the name of Masthead Compliance (Masthead (Pty) Ltd is an FSCA-approved compliance practice) supporting and guiding us to make the correct decisions.

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Our Claims Documentation

Claims Procedure

In the event of a claim, the Insured and/or the appointed Executor and/or family of insured and/or the Credit Provider must contact Groups R Us to obtain a claim form or the claim form can be downloaded from our website.

Upon receipt of the completed claim form, subject to the claim notification period, we will register the claim in the claim register and issue a claim number to the claim applicant.

During the claim assessment process, we will perform the following:

  1. Confirm that the claim relates to an active policy;
  2. Confirm that all insurance premiums are paid to date;
  3. Verify and assess details as contained in the claim notification,
  4. Confirm of the claim value to the statement of account from the Credit Provider.
  5. Confirm that the claim arose during the contract period.
  6. Confirm the applicant's or credit provider's banking details (Whichever is applicable).

Specific Exclusions

Insurance cover under the policy will end and no further benefit will be payable, as soon as any one of the following occurs:

  1. A benefit is paid in respect of death or total permanent disability;
  2. Monthly premiums are not paid when they become due and payable;
  3. A claim event occurs outside of the initial contracted period with the credit provider (as indicated in the credit agreement);
  4. The credit agreement with the credit provider is settled.

Claim Notification Period

The Insured or claim applicant must submit to Groups R Us, the full details in writing of the claim as soon as reasonably possible up to a maximum of 180 (one hundred and eighty) days from the date of the event giving rise to the claim.

Claim Contact Details

Claims must be notified to Groups Are Us t/a Groups R Us at the following numbers/addresses as soon as they become known.

Claim Number: 27(0) 86 127 3342

Claim Email: claims@groupsrus.co.za


Head Office Physical Address: Suite 9A, Monpark Building,
76 Skilpad Road, Monument Park,


Compliance Office Physical Address: 34 Newton Street,
Newton Park,
Port Elizabeth

If you have a claim to submit to Groups R Us, choose one of the below forms that applies to your situation

Our Compliance Documentation

Groups R Us is committed to compliance, and wants to ensure that we efficiently respond to compliance requirements without impacting our customers. We work with hand selected partners to provide you solutions which reduce your compliance burden. We have developed and use the latest technology to ensure the highest regulatory standards with the minimum disruption to your operational and capital expense. With us, you compliance worries are over; you are now joining the unsurpassed leader in insurance accuracy.

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Pretoria Office

Head Office Physical Address:
Suite 9A, Monpark Building,
76 Skilpad Road, Monument Park,

Port Elizabeth Office

Compliance Office Physical Address:
34 Newton Street,
Newton Park,
Port Elizabeth

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